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Magnolia Tin 3 oz Candle

Designer: Seaside Vero Beach

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A textured Magnolia Home label sits atop a beautifully colored tin top that lifts off to reveal a complementary pattern and a lovely scented candle.
Measures approximately 2.5 x 2.25 inches. Perfect for displaying on a shelf or mantel as a decorative statement piece.
Perfect for gifting or self-purchase. Carefully packaged in fitted box for easy gifting and storage

Candle scents

  • Bloom: Sparkling citrus elegantly blends with petal-soft lilies, crisp cedar wood, and seductive musk.Spring on the cusp of summer. Longer, languid days stretch out before you as the sun warms your skin, ice clinks in your glass and worries melt away.
  • Dwell: Fresh eucalyptus sparks an energy flow while iced pepper, frosted lavender, and patchouli provide needed focus. The moment you live for: windows thrown open, sunshine all around, canvas ready for something entirely new.
  • Garden: Features a fragrance of wild, herbal greens playing delicately atop a sweet floracy. A soft garden breeze dances airily over greenhouse herbs and mingles with the sweet aroma from the dewy moss underfoot.
  • Gather: Crisp bergamot, plum, and sweet jasmine effortlessly mingle with tonka, dark amber, and warm sandalwood. A gathering of loved ones; flowers on the table, the rough-hewn wooden table itself, a sense of the hostess. A "glimpse" of her perfume in the air on you after your hug goodnight.
  • Love: Red berries elevate youthfully sweet agave and crisp lemon while warm vanilla and honeyed amber provide a soft grounding. Sweetly unexpected moments - tender and intimate and just for your. Gather them up and tuck them safely away in your heart.
  • Restore: Fresh white heliotrope, Bird of Paradise, and neroli rest unruffled atop calming lavender and green vetiver.Mind and body knowingly call for retreat. Focused thoughts, purposeful breaths, and a nurturing touch create renewed balance and awareness.